Outline of the session:
Goals for this session:
1. To be exposed to wikis and blogs.
2. To participate in the making of a wiki page.
3. To participate in a blog.
4. To learn how to create own wiki and blog.
5. To understand how wikis, blogs and podcasts can enhance teaching and learning.

Establishing prior knowledge:
What do you understand Web2.0 to mean?
http://www.aypwip.org/webnote/ (followed by) navcon(your number)

Wiki Task: (20 mins)
1. Introduce yourself and tell your group something about you.
2. Find your own group page in the left hand menu. Click on it - these instructions will appear again.
3. Click 'edit this page' button to put you in edit mode.
4. Decide on a group name - enter it onto your page.
5. Brainstorm a few words onto your page that best describe your group's shared ideas or concepts.
6. Then use this site http://search.creativecommons.org/ to search for pictures based on keywords.
7. Click on "works I can modify". Click on Google. Type your keyword in and click "go" .
Make sure on the Google page Search only pages that are free to use share or modify is selected and then click images.
8. Find the pic that represents the collective essence of your group and drag it to your desktop (Mac) or right click and
choose "save image as" and save to your desktop (PC).
9. Click the picture upload icon in the wiki editor.
10. Browse for the picture on your desktop. Click upload.
11. Insert the cursor in the wiki, where you want the picture to appear. Double click the uploaded image.
12. Make a table 2 columns by 6 rows.
13. Head up the columns with headings - blogs - wikis
14. Enter under each heading 5 examples of how you can use blogs and/or wikis in the classroom.
15. Justify how the use each of these examples supports good teaching and learning.
16. Delete these instructions from your page. (they are on the home page if you need them)
17. Save your page.

Sharing each others wikis:
Take a look at each other's wikis by typing in the address:
http://wecandoit.wikispaces.com/Group+1 (substitute with Group+2, ..3, ..4, etc for each different page)
Use the discussion tab to ask any questions or make any affirmative comments on each others pages.

To Create Your Own Wiki:
1. Go to http://www.wikispaces.com/site/for/teachers100K
2. Find a unique user name.
3. Enter password and email address.
4. Create a wiki name - reflects the theme of your wiki - don't use spaces.
5. Select space visibility according to needs.
6. Tick educational use.
7. and JOIN us online.

Levels of access
Making new pages
Setting up your navigation bar
Managing your space
Creating members
Linking pages
Uploading media files
History tab

Blog Task:
1. Visit this blog created by 2 students who want to tell you about Web2.0 - http://navcon2k7livefrombbi.blogspot.com
2. Read the entries they have made.
3. Click the comments link and comment on any post.

To Create Your Own Blog at Blogspot:
1. Sign up with Google to make a blogger account
2. Title your blog - this is the heading at the top of your page - it can be a phrase or a word.
3. Choose the address for your blog - it will be ?????@blogspot.com
4. Choose your template
5. Set your permissions
6. Start blogging

We Can Do It Powerpoint of this session: